(1) The amount of soy textured protein added in the meat filling accounts for 15%-20% of the meat (wet basis), that is, 15-20kg of tissue protein is added to 100kg of meat. If it is used for vegetarian stuffing, it can be fried with vegetable oil and then mixed with stuffing for better effect according to actual needs.

(2) When adding, take a certain amount of tissue protein (dry basis), soak it in warm water (50℃~70℃) for 20~30rains and remove it, then rinse it with clean water once and dry it before use. After the above treatment, Soak again per kilogram of tissue protein (dry basis) to obtain 2.5-2.9 kg of wet basis. If small particles of tissue protein are used, in order to prevent the loss of small particles with water, wrap the tissue protein with a filter cloth during spin-drying. The tissue protein (wet base) treated above and the meat filling are put into the mixer at the same time, and the seasoning is added , Salt, water and other auxiliary materials can be mixed together.

(3) How to use tissue protein in vegetarian food: directly use tissue protein to make vegetarian food. Use strips or large flakes of tissue protein, soak in warm water (50℃~70℃) for 20~30rains, rinse with water for 1~2 times and spin dry, soak in broth, add salt and different seasonings to stir, It can be made into vegetarian snacks with different tastes.