1.  Compared with fish meal: the supply of fish meal is limited, the content of impurities is high, the quality is unstable, the absorption rate of piglets is low after eating, and it is easy to diarrhea; at the same time, the shelf life of fish meal is short and it is not easy to store, and the shelf life of soy protein concentrate is long.

2. Compared with plasma protein: Although plasma protein is a recognized source of high-quality protein in the feed industry, it is undeniable that the price is expensive, and plasma protein is derived from animals.

3. Compared with skimmed powder: skimmed milk powder has low protein content and amino acid content, high price and limited supply.

4. Compared with whey powder: whey powder has low protein content, the supply of goods is not timely and the price is high, and the growth rate of piglets after eating is slow.