Effective ways to consume high-protein products

Abstract: There have been many high-protein products on the market, and the variety is dazzling. How to choose? High-protein products can be roughly divided into two categories. One is animal-based high-protein products, mainly made of milk-based high-protein products or casein; the other is plant-based high-protein products, the main ingredients are derived from Soybean vegetable protein. Then let us look at the characteristics of these two high-protein products.

Keywords: Soy Protein, Vegetable Protein, Animal Protein, Amino Acids

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animal protein

Whey protein (animal), a high-protein product using milk as the raw material, is the current mainstream. Whey has the effect of repairing muscles, and it can also be absorbed smoothly in the body. Consumers who are in fitness usually choose this Whey protein.

There are three main manufacturing methods for whey protein, and the nutrients they contain are also different.

WPC method (Whey Protein Concentrate), the advantage of this manufacturing method is that it can retain nutrients such as calcium and vitamins, and it is easier to retain lactose. Therefore, people who are lactose intolerant should not choose this product. Whey protein is relatively cheap.

WPI method (Whey Protein Isolate) is also known as ion charge filtration method, which is mainly based on the WPC method to obtain protein, and then use ion charge filtration to produce high-concentration whey protein. The characteristic of this manufacturing method is that the protein content is as high as 90%, and the lactose content is very low. It is not easy to bloat after drinking. Due to the higher purity and the more complicated process, the price is slightly higher than that of WPC products.

WPH preparation method (Whey Protein Hydrolysate), also known as hydrolysis method, mainly uses microbial enzymes to decompose protein into amino acids and smaller amino acid peptides. This method is characterized by a high proportion of leucine (a type of amino acid), and a very high digestion and absorption rate.

Due to the high protein content, these products are usually more expensive. Casein product (animal) This is a high-protein product based on milk as the main component of whey protein. The main component of casein has 80% of the protein that makes up fresh milk. Although casein that is not easily hydrolyzed requires more time to digest and absorb than whey protein, it makes people feel fuller and less hungry, so it is very suitable for weight loss.

Since the blood amino acid concentration is maintained at a high level, it can reduce the food intake, so it is also very popular with consumers. It is generally believed that this high-protein product can promote intestinal peristalsis and improve immunity, but it is a bit difficult to dissolve and is often mistaken for whey protein. However, products with higher casein content are usually more expensive.

plant protein

Soy protein (plant-based) This is a plant-based protein made from soybeans. It has the same characteristics as casein and requires more time for digestion and absorption. Although this type of high-protein product requires more water to adjust, it is difficult to swallow without sweeteners, but people who are intolerant to drinking whey protein are very suitable to drink soy protein. In addition, soybeans contain isoflavones and saponin that are anti-aging, anti-oxidant, lowering blood lipids, and balancing hormones, so this type of high-protein product is especially suitable for women.