Dr. Cordogne cuts Brazil and Argentina soybean production forecasts

Foreign media February 21 news: South American agricultural expert Dr. Michael Cordogne said he had hoped that the production losses caused by drought in southern Brazil would be partly offset by strong production in the central and northern regions. But he is no longer holding out that hope, because conditions in southern Brazil are worse than expected and the drought may cause additional production losses, so he lowered his soybean forecast for Brazil by 6 million tons to 124 million tons. Dr. Cordogne also lowered his forecast for Argentina’s soybean production by 2 million tons to 40 million.

Dr. Cordogne forecasts total South American soybean production (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay) at 174.6 million tonnes, down 24.2 million tonnes or 12.2% from last year.

Argentine corn production down

Dr. Cordogne kept Brazil’s corn production forecast for 2021/22 unchanged at 112 million tonnes, well above the previous year’s reduction due to frost and drought.

Argentina’s corn production forecast is lowered 1 million tons to 50 million tons.

Total South American corn production in 2021/22 is 168 million tons, up 24.6 million tons or 17.2 percent from last year.