Does soy protein isolate contain isoflavones?

People are suspicious of soy isoflavones because of its structure similar to estrogen. People generally don’t have a good impression of the word “hormone”. In addition, a study in the United States has shown that drug estrogen replacement therapy has many disadvantages. If drug estrogen is used alone for a long time, it may increase cardiovascular disease and breast disease. This worries and shocks thousands of women who take the drug estrogen.

However, in this study, the drug estrogen is mentioned, and soy isoflavones, as a natural estrogen, have protective effects on the cardiovascular and mammary glands.

Treat hormones correctly

Hormones are not what everyone thinks, they are side effects to the human body. There are hormones in the human body, estrogen in women, and androgens in men. Hormones play a very important role in regulating the growth and development, reproduction, gender distinction and sexual activity of the human body, and they are also indispensable substances in our lives. Therefore, don’t have an attitude of rejection as soon as you hear of hormones.

Will eating soy isoflavones make you fat?

Another important concern people have about soy isoflavones is that they may cause weight gain. But soy isoflavones, which can cause people to gain weight, are all caused by artificially adding hormones. Natural soy isoflavones do not cause weight gain.

In fact, soy isoflavones have a very high safety efficiency. The reason is that they are natural plant hormones with the same structure as the estrogen secreted by the human body, and will not cause additional burden on the human body.

Who are not suitable for taking soy isoflavones?

In modern medicine, menopausal women are often advised to take soy isoflavones, as a common health product, of course, some people are not suitable for taking such nutrients.

Minors, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people with gynecological tumors or a family history of gynecological tumors, people with estrogen-related disorders, etc. are not suitable for consumption.

Are there isoflavones in soy protein isolate?

Soy protein isolate is a natural protein powder extracted from soybeans, which does not contain isoflavones. However, in the production process, in order to avoid powder dust, some soybean oil and phospholipids may be added, so there may be a very small amount of isoflavones. But the number is so small that it is almost negligible.

And this production link is controllable, that is, no soybean oil and phospholipids can be added at all.  Therefore, when using soy protein isolate, there is no need to consider the possible effects of isoflavones.