Datagro slightly raises Brazil soybean production forecast by 250,000 tons

Foreign media, February 23 news: Brazilian consulting firm Datagro released a report on Wednesday, raising its forecast for Brazil’s soybean production by 250,000 tons.

The agency forecasts Brazil’s soybean production in 2021/22 at 130.25 million tons, up from the 130 million tons forecast in January, but the revised output is still far below the December 2021 forecast of 142.05 million tons and below the 142.05 million tons forecast in December 2021. The company’s original forecast of 144.06 million tonnes was due to dry weather in southern Brazil.

This week’s increase in soybean production is due to higher soybean yields in north-central Brazil. But even so, Brazil’s average soybean yield is forecast at 3,187 kg/ha, down from an earlier estimate of 3,209 kg/ha and 9.4% below the record 2020/21 yield of 3,518 kg/ha.

Datagro also raised its forecast for Brazil’s corn production by 2.6 million tons.