China bought about 630,000 tonnes of soybeans from the US in the week ended April 21

WASHINGTON, April 28 News: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s weekly export sales report shows that the United States sold 633,100 tons of soybeans to China (mainland) in the week ended April 21, of which 165,100 tons of soybeans were sold in the 2021/22 season. On delivery, 468,000 tonnes will be delivered in 2022/23.

For comparison, the United States sold about 1.1654 million tons of soybeans to China in the previous week, of which 496,400 tons were delivered in 2021/22 and 669,000 tons were delivered in 2022/23.

Looking at the sales of other grains, China bought 1.341 million tons of U.S. corn (729,000 tons for delivery in 2021/22 and 612,000 tons for delivery in 2022/23) and 41,600 tons of U.S. sorghum that week. The U.S. shipped 266,200 tons of corn, 168,000 tons of sorghum and 280,000 tons of soybeans to China that week.