China bought about 440,000 tonnes of U.S. soybeans in the week ended March 31

WASHINGTON, April 7: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s weekly export sales report showed that the United States sold about 436,000 tons of soybeans to China (mainland) for delivery in 2021/22 in the week ended March 31.

For comparison, the U.S. sold about 593,000 tonnes of soybeans to China the previous week for delivery in 2021/22.

Looking at the sales of other grains, China cancelled 13,000 tons of U.S. sorghum orders that week. The U.S. shipped 459,000 tons of corn, 236,000 tons of sorghum and 459,000 tons of soybeans to China that week.

Note: The Chinese data in the article does not include data from Taiwan, China