BAGE: Early harvest soybean yields in northern Argentina below historical average

Foreign media, March 20: Argentina’s soybean crop conditions continued to improve in the week to March 16, 2022, as the past 10 days saw rain.

In recent days, Argentina’s northern agricultural belt has begun harvesting the first soybeans, with yields ranging between 2 and 4 tons per hectare, below the average of the past five years, the report said.

The report notes that crops vary widely. Soybean yields in areas with insufficient rainfall in January and February were lower than initially expected.

The exchange said that if this trend in the main producing areas continues, it may affect the current production forecast.

The exchange currently expects soybean production in 2021/2022 to be 42 million tons, down from 43.1 million tons in the previous year.

Argentine soybean plantings this season are at 16.3 million hectares, down from 16.9 million hectares in 2020/21, as Argentina is more profitable from growing corn.

Argentine soybean planting began at the end of October, and harvesting began in March and ended in May.