Argentine soybean planting is about to start, and timely rains appear on farmland

Foreign media, October 27 news: Industry experts said that Argentina’s main agricultural producing areas ushered in timely rain on Wednesday, which will help relieve drought-stricken farmland.

Rains help boost production prospects ahead of soybean planting in Argentina.

The Argentine National Weather Service said some areas had received up to 100mm of precipitation in the past 24 hours, with most of the most important farmland seeing at least 30mm of rain.

In general, the rains have been very good, with the western provinces of Buenos Aires, the southeastern provinces of Candoba and Santa Fe The southwestern region of the province has benefited the most.

A drought in Argentina that started in May this year prompted the Rosario Cereals and Grains Exchange to lower its wheat production forecast to 13.7 million tonnes, down from 23 million the previous year. The drought also caused a significant delay in corn planting, which began last month.

Rosario Grain Exchange analyst Christian Russo said the rain came too late for most corn and wheat crops, but was timely for soybeans, and some arable land intended for corn will now be replanted with soybeans. The rain is sure to help the soybean planting start. However, he warned that there was still not enough rain in many places.

Heinz also said that there may be insufficient rainfall this weekend, and some agricultural areas may experience a late frost next Monday.