Applications and advantages of soy protein isolate

1.Definition and source of soy protein isolate

Soybean protein isolate is to extract soybean meal (removing oil and water-soluble non-protein components) in an alkaline solution under low temperature conditions, and then precipitate, wash, and dry to obtain a protein powder with a protein content of more than 90%. Its structure and properties are basically Replace pure soy protein.

2.Application of soy protein isolate

A. Make nutritious meals
As people pay more attention to healthy diet, nutritious meals have become a new type of healthy food on the market. Soy protein isolate is an essential raw material for nutritious meals because it has a good nutritional taste and rich nutritional ingredients.
B. Make drinks
Soy protein isolate can also be made into various drinks, such as soy milk, soy milk, soy milk, etc. These drinks are not only rich in nutrients, but also have a refreshing and mellow taste, making them very popular among consumers.
C. Make meat products
Soy protein isolate can also be used to make meat products, such as soy meatballs, dried tofu, etc. These products can replace traditional meat products, have the advantages of low fat, high protein, low carbohydrate, etc., and are a good choice for modern healthy diet.

3.Advantages of soy protein isolate

A. High protein, low fat, low calories
The protein content of soy protein isolate is as high as more than 90%, and the fat content is extremely low. It can provide the protein and nutrients needed by the human body without causing health problems caused by excessive fat intake.
B. Rich in nutrients
Soy protein isolate is rich in nutrients, such as amino acids, and can meet the various nutrients needed by the human body.
C. Easy to absorb
The molecular structure of soy protein isolate is very small and is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. At the same time, soy protein isolate contains a large amount of amino acids, which can promote human metabolism and improve physical health.


Soy protein isolate is a very useful food raw material that can be used to make various nutritious meals, beverages, meat products, etc. Because of its high protein, low fat and low calorie advantages, it is very popular among people. We believe that in the near future, soy protein isolate will definitely become an essential ingredient for more healthy foods.