Application of soybean dietary fiber in various foods.

1. Application of soybean dietary fiber in fermented milk


A. Soybean dietary fiber, as a kind of crude fiber, is not digested and absorbed by the human body, and enters the consumer’s field of vision in the form of a clean label

B. Soybean dietary fiber has a thickening effect, and it has a more suitable structure and taste than modified starch when used in yogurt products

C. Soybean dietary fiber has the effect of stabilizer, which can reduce water separation

Soy Fiber Food Pudding

2. Application of soybean dietary fiber in meat products


A. Soybean dietary fiber has high water holding capacity, which is conducive to forming the tissue structure of the product to prevent syneresis

B. When used in meat products, the aroma components can be gathered without escaping

C. It is used as jelly in fish balls, beef balls and other products, so that the meatballs are not loose and elastic

D. Fortified protein content, can replace part of soy protein powder.

3. Application of soybean dietary fiber in seasoned flour products


A. Add seasoned noodle products, because its water absorption can make the taste soft

B. Adding seasoned noodle products can exert its oil-retaining properties and make the products shiny

C. Non-adhesive, convenient for industrial production.

4. Application of soybean dietary fiber in pastry fillings and baked goods.


A. It can play the role of filler and adhesive in pastry fillings, which can make the sugar liquid thicker when the sucrose is heated and melted, and prevent the finished product from collapsing and leaking sugar.

B. Soybean dietary fiber has high water holding capacity and emulsification, which makes the prepared cake fillings have a unique flavor, softer texture, and prolong shelf life

C. In baked goods, the plasticity of the dough can be increased and the elasticity can be decreased, so the dough is easy to form, the product has a good chewing feeling, and the crispness is increased.

D. Soybean fiber can produce volatile substances, strengthen fibers, increase the flavor of biscuits and make them have a unique fragrance.

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