Application of soy protein concentrate in food industry

Soy protein concentrate is a soy protein product with a protein content of over 65% (dry basis), obtained by using high-quality non-GMO soy flour as the main ingredient. It is divided into two types: emulsified type and injectable type. Emulsified protein has the characteristics of strong emulsification ability and high gel strength, and can be used in enteral products. Injectable protein has the advantages of fast dispersion, no caking, and no layering. It is mainly used for vacuum packaging of beef and large pieces of beef, etc., which can increase production, improve taste, and increase economic benefits.

1. Application in meat products:

Soy protein concentrate has good water absorption and oil retention properties. When added to meat products, it can increase the color, aroma, taste and protein content of meat products, and can promote particle integrity and yield. It has been modified so that it is an ideal meat additive and can be added to meat products to reduce the amount of lean meat added.

For example, in sausages, adding concentrated soy protein within 15% of the weight of the meat can maintain the appearance and quality of the product. In meatballs, soy protein concentrate is added within 20% of the weight of the meat, and the taste and mouthfeel are better than pure meatballs; in fillings for pies and dumplings, soy protein is added within 30% of the weight of the meat. Concentrates, which improve quality and flavor, not only reduce production costs but also increase protein content.

 2. Application in convenience food:

Soy protein concentrate has the characteristics of imitating meat texture and can be made into convenience foods with various flavors. Silky and flaky protein products are directly used to make vegetarian meat-like foods, and lumps and small particles can be used to make various fillings, which not only satisfy people’s senses, but also provide a source of protein. It can be eaten after soaking in hot water, or as breakfast and lunch for school-age children.

3. Application in dishes:

Soybean protein concentrate is hydrated during the production process and has uniform tissue properties and specific tissue structure. It has good chewiness and meaty texture. It is suitable for frying, frying, cooking, frying, soup and cooking. Fillings and cold dressings are acceptable.

Add 25-50% textured protein to minced meat or other meat products and mix with various seasonings to create meaty dishes. Therefore, it can be used to partially replace meat. Soy protein concentrate is a high-quality and inexpensive food.

4. Application in snack foods:

Histone proteins have a good granular structure. After processing, it can be made into various flavors of dried meat, jam, vegetarian food, etc. In the process of processing soy protein concentrate, different flavors can be flavored. Adding this reagent to snack foods can produce snack foods with different flavors, rich nutrition and excellent taste.