Application of modified soy protein isolate in meat products

Soy protein isolate is used in meat products to increase flavor, prevent meat juice from separating, improve the quality of meat products, and extend shelf life. Combining two or more enzymes, combining physical modification with enzyme modification, or combining chemical modification with enzyme modification to modify soy protein isolate is a new idea to expand its application in meat products, and it will definitely become future development trends.

1. A piece of meat product

Block meat products usually refer to large or whole pieces of meat products, but their integrity is easily damaged during processing. By adding modified soy protein isolate, syneresis can be reduced, tissue properties improved, and product quality improved.
For small pieces of meat not exceeding 6cm, the soy protein isolate can be added by rolling and kneading. For some larger meat products, injection can be used. Dissolve the modified soy protein isolate in salt water, and then inject the solution into the meat. In the meat pieces, the marinating liquid can be evenly dispersed in the meat pieces, shortening the marinating time and increasing the product yield.
The use of modified soy protein isolate can not only maintain the appearance and moisture of meat products due to its excellent water holding capacity and gelling properties, but can also use its natural antioxidant properties as coating materials to delay the oxidation of meat products and prolong the shelf life of food. shelf life while maintaining the sensory quality of meat products.

2. Minced meat products

Meat patties, meatballs and surimi products are all minced meat products. The combination of lean meat and fat meat to form minced meat with stable properties is the key to determining its production quality.
Because soy protein isolate has good water and oil absorption, it can combine lean meat and fat meat to improve nutritional value and product yield.
Researchers added egg white powder and soy protein isolate powder during the production of fish balls. Soy protein isolate can significantly enhance the gel strength of fish balls and improve the quality of fish balls.

3. Emulsified meat products

Emulsified meat products mainly refer to sausages, ham, etc. Soy protein isolate can form a stable emulsification system with the salt-soluble proteins in meat, especially myofibrillar protein.
The excellent emulsifying properties of soy protein isolate can prevent oil leakage caused by fat accumulation in minced meat, improve the oil retention of meat products, and give emulsified sausages and other products a high-quality taste and flavor.
Researchers used ultrasound-modified soy protein isolate, carrageenan and inulin as raw materials to prepare Frankfurter sausage. The results showed that the modified soy protein isolate can reduce animal fat intake and improve the taste of the product.

4.Imitation meat products

Soy protein isolate is often used as a raw material to replace animal protein because of its good emulsifying and gelling properties. Through extrusion and other processes, soy protein isolate will undergo complex changes in protein, fat and carbohydrates under the combined action of multiple factors, thereby imitating the taste and flavor of natural meat. Because of its high nutritional value and unique flavor, it is very popular among vegetarians.