ANEC expects Brazil’s soybean exports to reach 2.34 million tons in November

Foreign media reported on November 17: Brazil’s National Association of Grain Exporters (ANEC) said that Brazil’s soybean exports in November 2022 will reach 2.339 million tons, down from an estimate of 2.434 million tons a week ago, based on freighter queues. This was down from 3.592 million tonnes in October, but higher than the 2.149 million tonnes recorded in November last year.

According to ANEC estimates, soybean exports in the first 11 months of this year will reach 76.816 million tons.

On November 16, ANEC forecast that Brazil’s soybean exports in 2022 will be 78 million tons, higher than the 75.5 million tons estimated on October 5, but lower than the 86.634 million tons in 2021.