ANEC expects April soybean exports from Brazil to reach 12 million tonnes

Foreign media, April 13: Brazil’s national grain exporters association (ANEC) said that Brazil’s soybean exports in April 2022 are expected to be 12 million tons, higher than the 11.12 million tons expected a week ago, but still higher than April 2021. 15.67 million tons decreased by 23.4%.

According to ANCE data, Brazil’s soybean exports in March this year were 12.17 million tons, lower than the 14.92 million tons in the same period last year; the export volume in February was 9.11 million tons, the highest level in history, higher than the 5.51 million tons in the same period last year; Brazil exported 2.28 million tons of soybeans in January, up from 54,000 tons in January last year.