ANEC cuts Brazil soybean export forecast for February to 7.1 million tons

Foreign media, February 16: Brazil’s national grain exporters association (ANEC) said that Brazil’s soybean exports in February 2022 will reach 7.1 million tons, down from 7.5 million tons estimated a week ago, and this is also the second week in a row Lower export expectations. Two weeks ago the association forecast soybean exports in February at 9.923 million tonnes. But the lowered export volume would still exceed the previous record of 5.51 million tonnes set in February last year.

Between February 6 and 12, Brazil exported 1.879 million tons of soybeans. Soybean exports for the Feb. 13-19 period are estimated at 3.213 million tonnes.

Brazil exported 2.418 million tons of soybeans in January this year.