ANEC: Brazil’s soybean exports in December will reach 2.8 million tons

Foreign media news on December 15: The Brazilian Association of Grain Exporters (ANEC) stated that Brazil’s soybean exports in December 2021 may reach 2.802 million tons, higher than the 258 tons estimated a week ago.

The reason for the huge soybean exports in December this year is that the soybean output harvested at the beginning of this year set a record high, and the supply of new soybeans in 2021/22 is expected to be sufficient.

Mato Grosso State has planted the soybeans of the 2021/22 season ahead of schedule, so the state is expected to harvest the first batch of new beans by the end of this month.

In contrast, the export volume in December last year was only 100,000 tons, the lowest level in the same period in six years, because the supply of soybeans was so tight that Brazil had to import a large amount of soybeans.

If exports in December meet expectations, Brazil’s soybean exports in 2021 will reach a record 86.9 million tons, which is higher than the 82.3 million tons in 2020.