American company invented “vegetarian meat burger”

In 2016, a veggie burger became popular in the restaurant Momofuku of famous American chef David Chang. The veggie meat in this burger comes from Impossible Foods invested by Chinese entrepreneur Li Ka-shing.

It is understood that Impossible Foods is a project led by Patrick Brown, a professor of biochemistry at Stanford University. In order to develop a vegetarian meat that not only looks like meat and tastes like meat, but also consists of pure plants without adding toxic preservatives, Impossible Foods lasted 5 years. In 2012, it invested 80 million US dollars in research and development costs.

What is the specific taste?

After tasting it, a gourmet thinks it is very good, and this is what he thinks is a veggie burger that can compare with real burgers. As shown in the picture, the so-called veggie burger is not a veggie pancake between the buns, but veggie meat that looks very similar to real meat regardless of color and texture. According to Patrick Brown, the main ingredients of vegetarian beef are soy protein, xanthan gum, wheat protein, coconut oil, and other natural flavors. All ingredients are pure natural, and they carry less calories than real beef. More.

The reason why such a product can be produced stems from the discovery and extraction of heme. It is understood that many animals and plants contain heme, but its content is very high in animal tissues and other muscle tissues, so these foods are unique. The taste. Patrick Brown decomposes the proteins in plants, and then reorganizes them, allowing sugars, vitamins, vegetable fats, etc. to undergo chemical action, producing a meaty aroma and showing the light red color of the meat.

At present, the price of this vegetarian meat burger + French fries is $12, and users can even choose different thicknesses of “meat” according to personal preferences, and the degree of cookedness is: half-cooked, eighth-cooked, fully cooked, etc. .

vegetarian meat burger