AgRural: Soybean planting progress in Brazil reaches 96%, and drought in the south is worrying

Foreign media news on December 13: According to data released by the Brazilian consulting agency AgRural, as of December 9, the soybean planting progress in Brazil in 2021/22 reached 96%, which was 2 percentage points higher than the previous week and higher than the same period last year. 95%, as a comparison, soybean planting in the previous week increased by 4%.

In southern Brazil, dry weather has slowed planting and threatened overall production prospects.

In parts of Rio Grande do Sul, farmers had to replant soybeans because the drought damaged the seedlings.

Parana state is also in urgent need of rain, otherwise soybean crops in the western part of the state may be affected.

The consulting firm will update its forecast for 2021/2022 soybean production in Brazil later this week. In early November, the company predicted 145.4 million tons of Brazilian soybean production.