AgRural: Soybean planting progress in Brazil reaches 94%, and rainfall in the southern region is low

Foreign media news on December 6: According to data released by the Brazilian consulting agency AgRural, as of December 2, the soybean planting progress in Brazil in 2021/22 reached 94%, which is 4% higher than the previous week and higher than the same period last year. 90%. As a comparison, the soybean planting in the previous week also increased by 4%

So far, only Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Caterina have progressed below the historical average of soybean planting because of the drier local weather. Planting in other parts of Brazil is progressing well. In some areas of Mato Grosso State, soy crops will be harvested around Christmas.

The report said that in November, the rainfall in southern Brazil, southern Mato Grosso, and Sao Paulo was below average. Although the impact of high temperature and dry weather on crops is limited, weather forecasts show that rainfall in the first half of December is scarce. , To issue a warning to those farmers who have just planted soybeans, because drought may affect the emergence of crops. In addition, those soybean crops that have entered the breeding period also have higher requirements for soil moisture.