AgRural: Brazil soybean planting progress reached 69% as of November 10

Foreign media, Nov. 14 news: As of last Thursday (Nov. 10), Brazil’s 2022/23 soybean plantings had reached 69% of the expected area, up from 57% a week earlier, consultancy AgRural said on Monday.

Dryer weather last week helped planting in the South, where excessive rainfall slowed planting and crop growth.

In the Midwest and Minas Gerais, last week’s hot weather and lack of rain made planting difficult, with farmers anxiously awaiting the arrival of rain forecast by weather agencies.

The Brazilian government expects that the annual soybean production in 2022/2023 is expected to exceed 152 million tons, and the planting area will increase to 42.89 million hectares, an increase of 3.4% over the previous year, both record levels.

Brazil began planting soybeans in mid-September. In areas planted earlier, it is possible to start harvesting in January.