Advantages of Soy Protein Isolate

Soy protein isolate is obtained by removing soybean oil and water-soluble non-protein parts from dehulled soybeans using high technology. Its protein purity is extremely high and it is the main base material of protein powder food. The main advantage of soy protein isolate is that compared with other proteins, it has the highest biological value for digestion and absorption in the body. The digestibility of soy protein isolate is 93% to 97%.

Soy protein isolate has the following advantages:

1.High in protein. Soy protein isolate has a very high protein content, usually over 90%, making it a high-quality protein source that helps supplement the body’s protein needs.

2.Complete amino acids. It contains all the amino acids needed by the human body, especially rich in lysine and methionine, making it an ideal dietary source of protein.

3.Low fat. The fat content of soy protein isolate is usually less than 1%, which is beneficial to gastrointestinal digestion and absorption and reduces fat accumulation that may be caused by high-fat foods.

4.No cholesterol. As a plant-based protein, soy protein isolate does not contain cholesterol and is suitable for people who need to control their cholesterol intake.

5.Easy to digest and absorb. Its amino acid configuration is more in line with the needs of the human body, its digestibility and utilization rate are high, and it is easy to be absorbed and utilized by the human body.

6.Feature. Soy protein isolate has good emulsification, thickening and fluffing effects, and can be used in food processing to improve the textural properties of food.

7.Safe and environmentally friendly. Derived from soybeans, it is a natural green food without pollution from heavy metals and other harmful substances. It is safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and healthy.

8.Calcium supplement. Soy protein isolate can promote bone health and reduce the chance of osteoporosis.

9.Lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that soy protein isolate can effectively reduce the levels of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of heart disease.

10.No discomfort. The original nutritional inhibitory factor trypsin inhibitor in soybeans is removed, reducing discomfort reactions such as indigestion and bloating.