61% of consumers worldwide believe it is better to eat plant protein

In recent years, plant-based meat has been shining brightly, and many well-known companies around the world have invested in the development of plant-based meat products. However, do modern people have a high degree of acceptance of plant-based meat? According to a new research report: Most consumers feel that eating plant-based protein is better than animal protein.

Irish food giant Kerry has released a report on global attitudes towards protein consumption. It was found that in recent years, most consumers believe that eating plant protein is “healthy”, and their attitudes towards such products have also turned positive.

According to statistics, 61% of consumers around the world think it’s better to eat plant protein, while 50% think it’s better to eat animal protein, a difference of 11%. Among them, plant protein is especially keen in Europe and Asia Pacific, with a difference of 16% and 21% respectively.

Kerry’s previous report also highlighted the high demand for plant-based protein in the Asia-Pacific region. Research in early November found that 62 percent of consumers in the region wanted to buy plant-based meat. Didier Chanove, Kerry’s plant-based food business development director, mentioned in an interview with the media that the Asia-Pacific region will occupy the world’s largest plant-based food market in 2025.

The new report also shows that North America and Latin America still have a slight preference for animal protein, which is slightly higher than plant protein by 7% and 3%. However, interest in plant protein is increasing in these regions, and it appears that in the next few years, plant protein may overtake animal protein.

When consumers are asked why they like plant protein, the most common answer is that it is more environmentally friendly, better quality, more nutritious and more ethical. The report also found that the launch of plant-based products has risen sharply, including a 49% increase in new snacks with plant-based protein.

Soumya Nair, director of global consumer research and insights at Kerry, said:

This is fundamentally a protein revolution in food offering exciting and vibrant opportunities for all product developers. This timely report provides a stream of insights that they can consider incorporating into their short- and long-term product planning and development process.

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