59% of Canadians are increasingly choosing plant-based proteins

February 8, In the busy modern life, Canadians’ desire for a simple lifestyle is also reflected in their snack choices. Canadians are increasingly moving toward simplicity, a trend that extends to their snack preferences, according to survey results released by Wellness Natural Inc.’s SimplyProtein, a leader in plant-based snacks.

The survey found that nearly half of Canadians (43 per cent) define themselves as “overthinkers,” while nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) see it as their mission to simplify their lives. Amid the accelerated pace of daily life, more than half of Canadians (54 per cent) say they tend to reach for the most convenient options when in a hurry and need a snack, but still want those options to be healthier.

The challenge, however, is that making healthy snack choices can be difficult when people don’t understand their nutritional needs. In fact, surveys show that only 8 per cent of Canadians know their daily protein needs, a key nutrient that provides energy, satiety and immunity.

Demand for plant-based proteins is rising, with surveys showing 59 per cent of Canadians are increasingly choosing plant-based proteins. At the same time, however, gaps exist in protein knowledge:

  1. Only 8% of Canadians fully understand their daily recommended protein intake;
  2. Only 11% of people consistently meet their protein goals, with 33% admitting that their protein intake is moderate or underachieving.

Faced with the challenge of eating healthy, nearly seven in 10 Canadians (68%) recognize the importance of protein-rich snacks in meeting daily nutrition goals, but they face significant challenges in finding snacks that meet their nutrition goals obstacle:

31% found it difficult to find protein-rich snacks; 28% found it difficult to find fiber-rich snacks; 44% found it difficult to find snacks that were not too high in sugar; 40% found it difficult Find snacks that are not too high in calories; 29% find it difficult to find plant-based snacks; 25% find gluten-free snacks difficult.

Wellness Natural Inc. CEO Michael Lines sees these findings as an indicator of market demand. “Canadians have shown a strong preference for snack options that are simple, nutritious, tasty and convenient,” he said.

These findings highlight the common challenges Canadians face in balancing busy lives with healthy choices.