【USDA Report】Weekly U.S. Soybean Export Sales Report

Washington, Feb. 10 news; U.S. 2021/22 net soybean sales for the week ended Feb. 3, 2022 were 1,596,200 tonnes, 46% higher than last week and 81% higher than the four-week average. Major buyers include unknown destinations (804,400 tons), China (298,100 tons, of which 129,000 tons were transferred from unknown destinations, and sales decreased by 5,700 tons), Mexico (211,100 tons, and sales decreased by 900 tons), Egypt ( 81,700 tons), and Saudi Arabia (69,000 tons, of which 28,000 tons were transferred to unknown destinations), but sales to the UK fell by 60,000 tons. Net sales in 2022/23 were 894,600 tonnes to unknown destinations (433,000 tonnes), China (316,000 tonnes), Algeria (84,000 tonnes), the UK (60,000 tonnes).

Exports for the week were 1,301,400 tonnes, 2% lower than last week and 9% lower than the four-week average. Major destinations include China (726,600 t), Japan (137,900 t, of which 51,700 t was reported later), Mexico (110,100 t), Egypt (93,700 t), and Bangladesh (59,400 t).